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Fashion and Apparel Technology

Garment, one of humankind’s oldest commercial ventures, continues to find new applications in modern world and to succeed in this, Institute of Fashion Technology offers three years B.Sc. programme in Garment Technology. The programme responds to meet the wide gap between demand and supply of trained professionals in domestic as well as global apparel and fashion industry. This programme offers comprehensive and holistic courses which trains the students to develop all the key skills required in this field. It provides extensive theoretical and practical knowledge and skill in the core functional areas such as pattern making, fabric structure, dyeing, printing, sewing, garment production, kid’s, women’s and men’s wear, computer aided designing (CAD), costing, logistics, supply chain management, branding, lean management, merchandising, entrepreneurship, industrial engineering and so on.

  • To create garment technologists who can contribute to this field by innovation, education, technology and research.
  • To provide a theoretical and practical understanding of technical process, innovation and business enterprise and their interaction with apparel.
  • To equip students with a holistic knowledge and a well-balanced perspective of garment production.
  • To generate trained manpower resource in various sectors of garmenting such as sampling, pattern and marker making, sewing and quality departments.
  • To inculcate leadership skills and capabilities of interdisciplinary collaboration among students who are innovative and can produce solutions.
  • To develop linkages with industry and non-government organizations in organizing professional programmes for imparting technical skills.
  • To prepare the students to envisage and face the challenges of the apparel and fashion industry and create the next generation professionals to lead and serve the local and global community.

This programme offers its graduates the opportunity to work with the top brands of the world as a merchandiser, production manager, fit analyst, pattern maker, quality officer, plant engineer, apparel/fashion designer, industrial engineer, fashion entrepreneur, brand developer, buyer, customer relationship officer, product developer and academician.

  • Comprehensive syllabus catering the needs of both fashion and apparel industry.
  • Knowledge of technical skills apt for the apparel industry.
  • State-of-the-art laboratories and infrastructure.
  • Dynamic and highly qualified teaching staff.
  • Opportunities to work with the best clothing brands of the world.
  • Internships and campus placements.
  • Educational tours, exhibitions and workshops.
  • Al-rakyan Exports, Mumbai
  • Silverspark Apparels Pvt. Ltd., Raymond, Banglore
  • Salem Abdullah Al Qattan & Sons Co., Kuwait
  • Payoginam Exports, Gurgoan
  • Shahi Exports, Faridabad
  • Shivalik Prints, Faridabad
  • Shyam Tex Exports Pvt. Ltd., Faridabad
  • Arvind Ltd., Gandhinagar
  • Artex Apparels Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad
  • Zedex Clothing Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad
  • Banswara Syntax, Surat
  • Crossroad Clothing, Indore
  • Apollo Clothing, Mumbai
  • Motherland Denims Pvt. Ltd., Banglore
  • Ashmia Dyecot Ltd., Ahmedabad
  • Papcon (Indore) Pvt. Ltd., Indore
  • Gokaldas Exports Pvt. Ltd., Banglore
  • Laguna Clothing Pvt. Ltd., Banglore
  • Ultra Denim, Surat
  • The Dry State, Vadodara
  • Syasii Designers LLP, Surat
  • Esjay Internatinal, Vapi
Course Code Course Credits Course
FAT 1101C01 Basics of Clothing and Design 04 (1+3) Core
FAT 1102C02 Basic Pattern Making 04 (0+4) Core
ENG 1128F04 English for Communication 04 (4+0) Foundation
FAT 1103F01 Textile Basics 04 (3+1) Foundation
FAT 1104F02 Creative Thinking 04 (2+2) Foundation
FAT 1105F03 Computer Application 04 (1+3) Foundatio
FAT 1106I01 Fashion Styling 02 (2+0) Elective Interdisciplinary
Total 26
FAT 1201C01 Sewing Fundamentals 04 (1+3) Core
FAT 1202C02 Introduction to Apparel Industry 03 (3+0) Core
FAT 1203C03 Structural Textile Design 06 (3+3) Core
FAT 1204C04 Advanced Pattern Making 04 (0+4) Core
FAT 1205F01 Understanding Apparel Market 04 (2+2) Foundation
FAT 1206E01 Newer Materials for Fashion 02 (2+0) Elective
FAT 1207I02 Entrepreneur Development 02 (2+0) Elective Interdisciplinary
Total 25
FGT 1301C01 Anthropometrics and Sizing 05 (1+4) Core
FGT 1302C02 Kid’s & Women’s Wear 04 (0+4) Core
FGT 1303C03 Garment Production and Machinery 04 (3+1) Core
FGT 1304C04 Textile Testing 04 (2+2) Core
FGT 1305C05 Fabric Processing and Finishing 04 (2+2) Core
FGT 1306E02 Fashion Branding 02 (2+0) Elective
FGT 1307I03 Shop Floor Management 02 (2+0) Elective Interdisciplinary
Total 25
FGT 1401C01 Men’s Wear 05 (1+4) Core
FGT 1402C02 Computer Aided Pattern Designing & Development 04 (0+4) Core
FGT 1403C03 Plant Layout in Apparel Industry 05 (2+3) Core
FGT 1404C04 Cost Analysis 02 (2+0) Core
FGT 1405C05 Finishing and Packaging Technology 04 (3+1) Core
FGT 1406I04 Accessory Design 02 (0+2) Elective Interdisciplinary
Total 22
FGT 1501C01 Apparel Standards and Quality Control 04 (4+0) Core
FGT 1502C02 Internship 12 (0+12) Core
FGT 1503C03 Product Development 06 (2+4) Core
FGT 1504C04 Lean Management 02 (1+1) Core
Total 24
FGT 1601C01 Principles of Management and Marketing 04 (4+0) Core
FGT 1602C02 Seminar 03 (3+0) Core
FGT 1603C03 Industrial Engineering 03 (2+1) Core
FGT 1604C04 Logistics & Supply Chain Management 03 (3+0) Core
FGT 1605C05 Entrepreneurial Skills 04 (3+1) Core
FGT 1606C06 International Trade Practices 02 (2+0) Core
FGT 1607C07 Apparel Merchandising & Retailing 03 (2+1) Core
Total 22
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Textile and Apparel Design

The fast growing Indian economy needs young innovators who can work towards developing new technologies to combat climate change and met the net zero emission targets by 2050 as envisioned by UN. To succeed in this new evolved and challenging fashion world, designers need to do much more than competently sketch garments on sheets of paper.

This studio-based programme encourages and facilitates innovative design and production through creative exploration, applied research and collaborative enterprise. Our courses are developed to reflect current industry practices, extend students’ market knowledge, explore enterprise opportunities and sensitize them towards adopting slow fashion strategies.

Our B.Sc (Hons) Textile and Apparel Design programme has built a reputation for producing professional, highly talented and skilled design graduates with advanced technical and business knowledge to propel them into the industry as well as they build strong liaisons with the artisan community.

Our students have brought lot of laurels to the institute. One such, exceptional achievement was at the Consortium of Green Fashion, including the Most Commercially Viable collection and The Best Collection awards

With access to the latest technology, including Adobe Design Suite, tukatech suite for computerised aided design, the students master all the skills needed to make it in the industry, following in the footsteps of many successful fashion designers

The Annual Fashion show ‘KAIROS’ is one of the most awaited events amongst the fashion conscious community of Vadodara and Gujarat.

During their association with the institute the students under the guidance of highly professional mentors develop their individual design philosophy and style. Pertaining to their interests and choices placement assistance is also provided by the Institute.

Aim of the department is to impart holistic understanding for creative design and use of Information and Communication Technology in Textile and Apparel Design.

  • To provide theoretical and practical understanding of technical processes, innovation and business enterprise and their interaction with design.
  • To equip the students with necessary skills for designing and creativity with the use of modern technology.
  • To develop organizational and managerial abilities to harness design innovation and problem solving techniques.
  • To develop students’ ability to research effectively by identifying, assimilating, interpreting and applying technical, market and business information through sound and innovative research methods.
  • To develop linkages with industry, government and non – government organizations in organizing professional programmes for imparting technical skills and capacity building at different levels.

Designers are inherently creative people, and so they can put their minds to any venture and its going to be. Thus, a lot of fields and job prospects open up for them. They can be employed in various roles such as Fashion Designer, Design Consultant, Fashion Stylist, Fashion Co-ordinator, Fashion Buyer, Retail Buyer, Merchandiser, Visual Merchandiser, Costume Designer, Textile Designer, Fashion Content Writer and Blogger, Fashion and Trend Forecaster, Sustainable Design Consultant and Academician.

  • Well Qualified Tutors
  • Industrial Training
  • Apparel/ Fashion Software
  • Annual Students’ Exhibition- SAMVAAY
  • Educational Trips and Field Visits
  • Annual Graduation Show - Kairos
  • Strong Industrial Liaisons
  • Arvind Mills Ltd
  • Gokuldas Exports Ltd
  • Raymonds Ltd
  • Keval Kiran Ltd
  • Shahi Exports
  • Pratibha Syntex
Non Government Organisations
  • Craft Roots
  • Khameer
  • Aavaran
  • Indigene
  • Manish Arora
  • Gaurang Shah
  • Rahul Mishra
  • Babita Malkani
  • Anuj Sharma
  • Namrata Joshipura
  • Sonal Kabra
  • Garimon Referos Couture
  • Aarti Vijay Gupta
Retail Brands
  • Chemistry
  • 109 Degree F
  • Lee Cooper
  • Toonz
  • Pantaloons
Fashion Stylists
  • Bornali Talukdar
  • Devraj Das
Course Code Course Credits Course
ENG1105F01 English for Communication 04(4+0) Foundation
TAD1102F02 Textile Basics 04(3+1) Foundation
TAD1103F03 Introduction to Computers for Design 03(0+3) Foundation
TAD1101C01 Fashion Concepts 03(3+0) Core
TAD1104F04 Design Fundamentals 04 (2+2) Foundation
TAD1105F05 Fashion Illustration Fundamentals 05(2+3) Foundation
TAD1106I01 Elements of Fashion 02(2+0) Elective(EI)
Total 24
TAD1201C01 Computer Aided Textile Designing 03(0+3) Core
TAD1203C03 Illustration Techniques 03(0+3) Core
TAD1202C02 Introduction to Draping 03(1+2) Core
TAD1204C04 Basic Pattern Making 03(1+2) Core
TAD1207F01 Creative Thinking 02(0+2) Foundation
TAD1205C05 Indian Costumes 03(3+0) Core
TAD1206C06 Basic Sewing 02(0+2) Core
TAD1209I02 Contemporary Indian Fashion 02(2+0) Elective (EI)
TAD1208E01 Intellectual Property Rights 02(0+2) Elective (EI)
Total 23
TAD1301C01 Sewing Techniques 03(0+3) Core
TAD1302C02 Dyeing and Printing 05(2+3) Core
TAD1303C03 Computer Aided Fashion Design 03(0+3) Core
TAD1304C04 Elements of Textile Design 03(0+3) Core
TAD1305C05 Indian Traditional Textiles 05(3+2) Core
TAD1307I03 Visual Merchandising 02(2+0) Elective(EI)
TAD1306E02 Sustainable Product Development 02(0+2) Elective(EI)
Total 23
TAD1401C01 Visual Merchandising Concepts 03(3+0) Core
TAD1402C02 Surface Ornamentation 03(0+3) Core
TAD1404C04 Plant Layout in Apparel Industry 05 (2+3) Core
TAD1404C04 Advance Pattern Making 03(0+3) Core
TAD1405C05 Design Research and Development( Apparel / Textiles) 03(0+3) Core
TAD1406C06 Structural Textile Design 05(2+3) Core
TAD1407C07 World Costumes 03(3+0) Core
TAD1408I04 Fashion Marketing 02(2+0) Elective(EI)
Total 25
Product Development ( Apparel / Textile) 05(0+5) Core
Advance Sewing Techniques 04(0+4) Core
Internship 08(0+8) Core
Advance Draping 03(0+3) Core
Contemporary Fashion and Trends 03 (3+0) Core
Flat Sketching 2(0+2) Core
Total 25
Final Project and Portfolio Presentation 10(0+10) Core
Fashion Marketing and Merchandising 03 (3+0) Core
Trend Research and Forecasting 02(2+0) Core
Apparel Manufacturing 02(2+0) Core
Textile Testing and Analysis 04(2+2) Core
Men’s Wear 03(0+3) Core
Total 24

Fashion Communication

The Institute of Fashion Technology is a brand extension of the already established Faculty of Family and Community Sciences which has been pioneer in Extension & Communication, Interiors, Textile and Design education. The institute includes multi disciplines under one roof, mainly to create educational, social, and business opportunities for Fashion, Fashion Media, Garment, and Retail industries. Today, the success of a brand is marked and understood largely through its uniqueness in identity. With a multitude of prêt and luxury brands mushrooming in the Indian retail scenario, it has become essential for each one of 'them' to develop a unique brand identity for maximum impact in the domain of Fashion and Lifestyle. Thus, 'Fashion Communication' forms the core of the whole business of Fashion.

One of the newest and most exciting avenues in the industry, Fashion Communication encompasses integrated course study relating with areas such as Graphic Design, Fashion Journalism, Visual Merchandising, Styling and Photography, Advertising, Public Relations and Space Design. Thus, at the exit level equipped with an intensive skill, knowledge and concept base Fashion Communication students emerge as dynamic professionals qualified to offer the most effective and financially viable communication solutions for the fashion, media and lifestyle industry.

  • To be able to create and manage integrated fashion communication approaches, that mould the students to be fashion media ready
  • To prepare the students to face challenges of the fashion industry and serve them globally
  • To provide experiential learning by allowing our students to engage in various activities and internship all over the country
  • To create a niche in the field of fashion, media and management and to evolve as one of the premiere institutes

Students are exposed to a large expanse of subjects which help them to choose from a wide variety of avenue for jobs in their areas of interest like Brand Establisher, Graphic Designer, Visual Merchandiser, Fashion Photographer, Retail Space Designer, Fashion Journalist, Fashion Advertiser, Fashion Event Manager, Film Making/Production, Fashion Stylist, and Social media Manager.

  • UGC recognized honors degree - Four years degree Program in Fashion Communication
  • Well Qualified Staff
  • Well Developed Infrastructure
  • Educational Trips
  • Workshop And Expert Lectures
  • Annual Showcase of Design talent - Exhibition (Anveshan)
  • Fashion Shows- La-Estilo
  • Film Screening - Cinephilia
  • Ultra clean Room Systems, Ankleshwar
  • Health Wellness Sunrise ace health studio, Vadodara
  • F2, Vadodara
  • Road cast, Delhi
  • Global colliance, Vadodara
  • Food brand Hanuram, Vadodara
  • K3 Grade, Reliance trends, Vadodara
  • AI Solution, Surat
  • Byju's
  • Tommy Hilfiger, Vadodara
  • Pingin enventures, Udaipur
  • Alois, Vadodara
  • Roxe Design Studio, New Delhi
  • Deepak Golani Studio, Mumbai
  • Spider Communication Inc., Canada
  • Pink palette, Indore, MP
  • Bodhi by Mala Sinha, Vadodara
  • Yor Graphics Branding Solution, Morbi
  • 101 hues, Ahmedabad
  • Liberal arts productions, Dehradun, Uttrakhand
  • Welspun INDIA, Mumbai
  • Best Uniform Pvt.Ltd., Indore
  • Arvind Limited, Gandhinagar
  • Lukka Chuppi, Vadodara
  • Reliance, Nippon life insurance, Anand
  • Technogram, Technovation LLP, Vadodara
  • Wide Angle Studios, Vadodara
  • Half Ticket, Ahmedabad
  • Aditya Birla, Bangalore
  • Kareen Parwani, Mumbai
  • The Times Group, Ahmedabad
  • Qodiawala Studios, Ahmedabad
  • Aneesdeen label, Mumbai
  • The Prudent, Lucknow
  • Art of Pixels Studio, Vadodara
  • Our Vadodara, Vadodara
  • Arc Infography Graphics Designing, Vadodara
1 English for Communication 4 (4+0)
2 Textiles Basics 4 (3+1)
3 Basics of Communication 3 (3+0)
4 Fashion Photography – I 3 (1+2)
5 Creative Drawing and Sketching 3 (0+3)
6 Elements and Principles of Design 3 (2+1)
7 Computer Application 4 (0+4)
Choice Based Course - Select Any One (EI) 4 (0+4)
Elements of Fashion 2 (2+0)
Fashion Styling 2 (2+0)
Diet for Healthy Living 2 (2+0)
Consumer Education 2 (2+0)
Total 26
1 Introduction to Fashion Categories 3 (3+0)
2 Fashion Illustration 3 (0+3)
3 Fashion Media Appreciation 4 (3+1)
4 Fashion Journalism 4 (3+1)
5 Fashion Studies 3 (3+0)
6 Fashion Photography – II 3 (1+2)
Choice Based Course - Select Any One (EI)
Contemporary Indian Fashion 2 (2+0)
Entrepreneur Development 2 (2+0)
Nutritional Assessment for Health 2 (2+0)
Furnishing for Interiors 2 (2+0)
Choice Based Course - Select Any One (EE)
Youth Health & Nutrition 2 (2+0)
Intellectual Property Rights 2 (2+0)
New Materials for Fashion 2 (2+0)
Fashion Choreography 2 (2+0)
Environment Education 2 (2+0)
Total 26
1 Creative Writing 3 (1+2)
2 Craft Documentation 3 (0+3)
3 Graphic Design for Fashion 4 (1+3)
4 Technical Drawing 2 (0+2)
5 Visual Merchandising - I 3 (2+1)
6 Research Methodologies 5 (3+2)
Choice Based Course - Select Any One
Visual Merchandising 2 (2+0)
Shop Floor Management 2 (2+0)
Preventive Nutrition for Chronic Diseases 2 (2+0)
Residential Lighting 2 (2+0)
Choice Based Course - Select Any One
Food Safety & Food Labelling 2 (2+0)
Sustainable Product Development 2 (2+0)
Fashion Branding 2 (2+0)
Professional Ethics and Responsibilities 2 (2+0)
Metaphysical Aspects for Interior Design 2 (2+0)
Total 25
1 Introduction to Fashion Industry and Management 4 (4+0)
2 Media Management 5 (3+2)
3 Introduction to Film Making 4 (2+2)
4 Fashion and Public Relation 4 (3+1)
5 Fashion Retailing & Consumer Behavior 4 (3+1)
6 Visual Merchandizing – II 3 (1+2)
Choice Based Course - Select Any One
Fashion Marketing 2 (2+0)
Accessory Design 2 (2+0)
Health & Nutrition for Women and Children 2 (2+0)
Residential Landscaping and Gardening 2 (2+0)
Total 22
1 Fashion Media and Communication 5 (2+3)
2 Creative Advertising 4 (2+2)
3 Multi Media and Web Design 3 (1+2)
4 Exhibition Display & Design 3 (1+2)
5 Portfolio Development and Presentation 7 (1+6)
Total 22
1 Internship 12 (0+12)
2 Final Graduation Project 7 (1+6)
3 Fashion Forecasting 4 (3+1)
Total 23

P.G. Diploma in Fashion Retailing and Merchandising

To meet the growing demand of trained professionals in the retail Sector, Institute of Fashion Technology offers one year Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Retailing and Merchandising. The programme responds to the growing demand of retail professionals who have the intellectual, academic and practical abilities mandatory to keep pace with fast changes in this dynamic Global Industry.

This programme offers comprehensive, holistic, industry oriented courses that trains the students to develop as professionals and entrepreneurs in the field of Fashion retail. It provides extensive knowledge, technical and behavioral skills in the Core functional areas such as Visual Merchandising, Retail Merchandising, Retail Merchandising, Retail Communications, Retail Strategy, Operations and Marketing

The aim of the programme is to provide academic education in accordance with the current scenario of the retail industry, with implication of practical knowledge so that students would be able to develop-appropriate skills, to contribute to their personal and professional growth in the field of Fashion Retailing and Merchandising.

  • To provide theoretical and practical understanding of retail business process
  • To develop analytical ability of students so as to solve problems connected with retail processes and working both individually and in a team
  • To help students develop management skills along with the use of latest technologies
  • Assistant Market Research
  • Category Manager
  • Customer Relationship Officer
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Department Manager
  • Digital Marketer
  • Entrepreneur
  • E-tailing Division Planner
  • E-tailer
  • Fashion Merchandiser
  • Floor Manager
  • Logistics and Warehouse Manager
  • Manager Back-end Operations
  • Manager Luxury Brand
  • Manager Private label Brands
  • Personal Shopper
  • Retailer
  • Retail Buyer
  • Retail Communication Manager
  • Retail Marketing Executive
  • Retail Merchandiser
  • Retail Operation Manager
  • Retail Planner
  • Sourcing Agent
  • Store Manager
  • Supply Chain Distributor
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Well Qualified Faculties
  • Data Analysis Software
  • Educational Trips
  • Strong Industrial Liaisons
  • Visiting Industry Professionals
  • State of Art Computer Lab
  • Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited (ABFRL)
  • Alto Vida
  • Aman Exports
  • Calvin Klein
  • Central
  • Craftroots
  • Fabindia
  • FLF (Future Lifestyle Fashion)
  • G3+
  • GAS
  • GetNatty
  • Jade Blue
  • Jockey
  • Khadi Gram Udhyog
  • Komal Tex Fab Industries
  • Label Ritu Kumar
  • Monte Carlo
  • Pantaloons
  • Sejal Handicrafts
  • Shopper’s Stop
  • Soul Fashions
  • Steve Madden
  • Super Dry
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Thakur’s
  • The Arvind Mills
  • The Arvind Store
1 Fashion Retailing: Policies and Strategies 4(4+0)
2 Fundamentals of Fashion Merchandising 3(3+0)
3 Communication and Marketing in Fashion Retail 3(3+0)
4 Elements and Principles of Fashion and Marketing 3(3+0)
5 Business of Fashion 5(5+0)
6 Consumer Behavior 4(4+0)
Total 22
1 Experiential Project 6(0+6)
2 Internship 8(0+8)
3 Global Sourcing 2(2+0)
4 Information Technology in Retail Sector 2(1+1)
Total 18